Sunday, November 18, 2007

Place Of Skulls - Long Lost Grave

Here are some great lyric from Place Of Skulls' song, Long Lost Grave, from their album With Vision. With Wino singing, this song is very powerful.

Twenty years in Missouri, when I left the trees were green
Answered the call of fury, to fight for our beliefs
My uniform is splendid, my rifle clean
Mother, I'll write you letters, tell you what I see.
The cannon balls come screamin'
Ears filled with cries and moans
Sometimes I think I'm dreamin', blood on the snow
Now my belly's burnin', their lead has found its mark
So cold my legs are turnin', the world is goin' dark
I don't claim to understand the force that drives this man
Just my faith in what I'm told, bravery is gold
Mother it seems a shame to die so far away
Will someone send me home
I don't claim to comprehend the feud between these men
All I know is what I see, they don't care for me
All the glory's lies, left me here to die
Alone and cryin' I bleed.

We need to put a stop to these senseless wars.


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