Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Miskatonic Foundation

I thought I would post a plug for a worthy record label producing doom metal in the UK. Check them out. The following description appears on the Miskatonic Foundation MySpage page. Visit their official site here.
About The Miskatonic Foundation

Hidden deep in the freezing fog upon the moors of Northern England , away from the prying eyes of men of lesser understanding lays the home of THE MISKATONIC FOUNDATION. It is here, between the four walls of a decaying mansion house, which is supposedly haunted, so legend runs, the metalchemists who make up the Foundations membership labour with little respite to unlock the ancient and arcane secrets of steel. Driven by a madness, and with an ever increasing sense of urgency as the new dark ages fall upon us all, every MISKATONIC release is untainted, pure and forged from the heaviest of metals on the MISKATONIC periodic table.

Originally conceived over a decade ago by the ISEN TORR & SOLSTICE guitarist, as an alternative to the myriad of so called professional labels who were releasing the same cliched and turgid musical abominations over and over, MISKATONIC is dedicated to the sounds of Doom, Epic and NWOBHM. At first, working solely, and then in conjunction with other like minded individuals, MISKATONIC has always intended to spread its grip and policy of hardline metal militancy across the globe.

Unlike other labels, we do not make a living, or pay ourselves money from our releases, every penny is spent ONLY on the bands, nothing goes to waste. And although we issue our releases on what could be considered shoestring budgets, each of them far surpass those of other labels in every aspect. From packaging to musical contents, everything reflects who we are and what we stand for.

Other "Labels" can talk as much bullshit about their "Mantra's" as much as they want, the fact remains, these feeble minded parasites have never actually released anything or invested any of their own money, instead preferring to make the bands pay for everything while they reap the profits. Like bloated Leeches, they drain the fire and integrity from the underground before they retire back to their dreary lives.

MISKATONIC says NO to the legions of bootleggers, the corrupt journalists and these greedy labels. First and foremost, the aim has to be to treat our fellow musicians and metalheads with respect by unleashing only outstanding music by bands that not only understand our ethos, but are part of the ongoing struggle against mediocrity and servitude.


Our releases to date and forthcoming...

(HPL 001) VA - "At the mountains of madness" CD
(HPL 002) TWISTED TOWER DIRE - "The curse of...." CD
(HPL 003) WARNING - "The strength to dream" CD
(HPL 004) MIRROR OF DECEPTION - "Mirrorsoil" CD
(HPL 005) TWISTED TOWER DIRE - "The isle of hydra" CD
(HPL 006) IRONSWORD - "Ironsword" CD
(HPL 008) RITUAL STEEL - "A hell of a knight" CD
(HPL 009) REVELATION - "Frozen masque" CD
(HPL 010) IRONSWORD - "The return of the warrior" CD
(HPL 011) DESOLATION ANGELS - "TBA" 4 CD box set..soon!
(HPL 012) WARNING - "Watching From A Distance" CD
(HPL 013) WARNING - "The Right Hand Of Doom" CD
(HPL 014) HELL - "TBA" 3 CD boxset....Forthcoming
(HPL 015) THE LAMP OF THOTH - "TBA" CD....Forthcoming
(HPL 016) THE RIVER - "TBA" New album!!....Forthcoming

(REH 001) V.A.- "Hail Brittania" VOL 1 7" (SLOUGH FEG Vs. IRONSWORD)
(REH 002) PAGAN ALTAR - "Lords Of Hypocrisy" DLP
(REH 003) THE LAMP OF THOTH - "Cauldron Of Witchery" 10" ep
(REH 004) PAGAN ALTAR - "Mythical & magical" DLP
(REH 005) ORODRUIN - "In Doom..." 10" EP
(REH 006) V.A. -"Hail Brittania" Vol 2 7" (TGOS Vs.WRATHBLADE)....Forthcoming
(REH 007) COLD MOURNING - "Demo's" DLP....Forthcoming
(REH 008) HELL - "TBA" 3 LP boxset....Forthcoming
(REH 009) THE LAMP OF THOTH - "TBA" LP....Forthcoming
(REH 010) LORD CRUCIFIER - "Demo's" DLP...Forthcoming

Please visit our site to find out more information about each title, and what is still in print. You know it makes sense. You can find more mp3's, interviews, up to date news and maybe, your salvation...welcome to hell.

One more thing, if you want to add us to your friends, and we don't alllow it, too bad. It was because ideologically we are polar opposites....NO TO COMMERCIALISM...

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