Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Hidden Hand

I just picked up this album by The Hidden Hand called Mother, Teacher, Destroyer and it's great!

The Hidden Hand is the latest band assembled by Scott "Wino" Weinrich. Wino, of course, is a doom god, having been the driving force behind Saint Vitus, The Obsessed, and Spirit Caravan.

With THH, Wino ascends into the stratosphere. His music is becoming much more advanced and progressive. The songs are definitely doom/stoner, but not the typical sounds you're used to hearing on a doom/stoner album. There are psychedelic elements. There is a hearkening back to bands like King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Blue Cheer, and Pink Floyd. The guitar mastery and vocals of Wino melded together with the amazing drumming of Evan Tanner (recently replaced by Matt Moulis). and the bass work and vocals of Bruce Falkinburg makes for a truly classic band.

The lyrical material is socially conscious and spiritually aware, dealing with politics, the environment, and spirituality.

I have just read that The Hidden Hand has split up. More details later......

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