Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Hidden Hand Splits Up

Alas, The Hidden Hand is no more. Here is the story from Rock Net Webzine.

THE HIDDEN HAND, the band featuring hard rock guitar
legend Scott “Wino” Weinrich (ST. VITUS, THE OBSESSED,
SPIRIT CARAVAN), has split up.

Commented Weinrich: “Without going into detail to
embarrass anyone, this is a message to inform everyone
THE HIDDEN HAND no longer exists. I cannot any longer
tolerate being promised stuff that never happens or be
accused of dishonesty. I think in my long and fruitful
career I have always tried to be fair and honest, even
going out of my way creatively and financially to make
it happen including compromise. I have put an enormous
burden on my family and myself to try and fulfill my
dreams which have not been to enrich myself
financially, but to enrich others as well as myself
spiritually and emotionally. The music industry these
days turns on the most mediocre crap, be it pop or
cheesy black metal, which is really just sickening or
laughable. So be it. I will still be wholeheartedly
dedicated to the SHRINEBUILDER project with Chris and
Al of OM and Scott from NEUROSIS. This will be a long
way off but I KNOW these dudes are FOR REAL. SO all I
will say now is thanks for believing. I’m sure some
will assume I am some ego guy who’s impossible to work
with, nothing is farther from the truth. I just expect
the same amount of fairness and respect I give. A tall
call these days, unfortunately.”

THE HIDDEN HAND’s latest full-length release, “The
Resurrection of Whiskey Foote”, came out in February.
The CD is the third THE HIDDEN HAND full-length
(second from Southern Lord) and features the lineup
that recorded the now sold-out/out-of-print “Devoid of
Color” EP from last year: Scott “Wino” Weinrich
(guitars, vocals), Bruce Falkinburg (bass) and Evan
Tanner (drums).

“The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote” is not necessarily
a concept album but it is heavily layered with
historical story-based lyricism and themes. Musically
there is a subtle southern or classic rock vibe (ala
killer slide playing from Wino and even some harp by
Michael Anthony Miller) that creeps into the
foundation of their brand of dark, heavy, progressive

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