Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Gates Of Slumber

If you like heavy traditional doom, similar to The Obsessed and Saint Vitus, check out The Gates Of Slumber from Indianapolis. This description was taken from
The Gates Of Slumber is no mere band. It is, in fact, a way of life.

The Gates Of Slumber give no quarter, they make no apologies, and they will not tolerate fools. Weaned on the majesty of Black Sabbath, the power of St. Vitus, the melodic might and gallop of Iron Maiden and a hodgepodge of classic bands from Thin Lizzy to Rainbow to Mercyful Fate, the Gates draw deep from heavy metal's most powerful blood to stake their claim as newborn kings.

Live your life on your knees, disconnected from the strength of the past and the promise of your future, and the forlorn fate that awaits should come as no surprise. But choose to stand apart, to live free and proud from the masses, and you will cross into that existential realm and know what it means to walk with purpose and to march over the bones of your enemies.

The Gates Of Slumber have chosen such a path, musically, artistically and personally.

The band arose in the dark winter of 1998, born of the imagination of founder/vocalist/guitarist Karl Simon, a longtime student of myth, folklore, history, virtue and music. The band coalesced around his anger and spite toward the trendy false-metal "stoner rock" bands gaining steam at the time. His mission? To drown the would-be usurpers in their own putrid gore.

Jason McCash brought his low-end bass tone and superior song-craft to the Gates in 2001 and together the pair have blazed a trail of True Doom across their native American soil and Europe. A handful of drummers have backed up their blend of metal's mystery and rock n' roll's majesty, including Chuck Brown, Chris "The Fist" Gordon and Brian "Bob" Fouts.

The Gates Of Slumber's masterpiece sophomore album, Suffer No Guilt (I Hate), is a mission statement for those who recognize the awesome might of the truth within heavy music. With artwork from famed painter Ken Kelly (Rainbow, Manowar, Kiss), the album has built a strong following in the underground as impressive as the four "K" review it received in Kerrang!.

Suffer No Guilt follows a no-less awe-inspiring back catalog, stretching back to the now cult Sabbath Witch demo recordings. The band's debut album, The Awakening... (Final Chapter), followed suit, with collectors snatching up copies of the prized ...Like A Plague Upon the Land EP (Hellride) and the 12" single spawned by Suffer No Guilt, God Wills It, released on the band's own Slumbering Souls imprint.

Align yourself with The Gates Of Slumber. Stand up and be counted. Hear the meek tremble as the mighty persevere, rising up to take what's theirs from the pretenders and the fakes.
Listen to some of their tunes here.


Buddhamonkeydevil said...

I have one of their discs (I forget which one, which tells me I have too many cds) very heavy & doom-like.

Zeteticus said...

I'd love to hear it.


Anonymous said...

The epic 20 minute masterpiece God Wills It finishes the album really well. Amazing band, I really love their stuff.

Don't know why but always connect them with Isen Torr from the UK