Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vol. 4

First off, thanks to Zeteticus for taking me on as a team member to this blog of Doom. For my first post I give you some photos of one of my favorite albums, Sabbath's Vol.4, the original vinyl I've had since the 70's:

The front cover displayed here in front of some of my sinister book collection:

The first couple of pages of the inside cover which opens up:

The two center inside pages--Sabbath giving what was definitely a kick ass concert:

Bill Ward pounding the skins:

The father of all doom guitarists, Tony Iommi:

The back cover song list:

Finally, the label, notice their publishing company is "Rollerjoint Music" (this album cover was used to roll quite a few joints on!)

As much as I like and enjoy the digital music age, all of the remastered, rereleased albums out there, I miss the days when lps came with posters, and liner notes you could actually read without squinting...

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Zeteticus said...

Cool!!!! Great pics.