Saturday, October 27, 2007

Heavy Lord

I'm very impressed with Heavy Lord from Holland. They are on the fast track to be one of the all-time great Doom bands. Their latest album is set to be released in December. It will be called Chained To The World. You can download the title track here.

The following is a short bio from their website:
Emerged from the moistly cellars of HELLevoetsluis comes HEAVY LORD, brought to life by two doomed metal fans Jeff and Wes lee under the influence of the mighty 90s doom sound (and of course Black Sabbath). Soon they got company in form of Wout and Steve creating the (th)underbelly rhythm section. As things worked out really well with writing and rehearsing songs, doing gigs became a priority because the stage is where it's at, that’s where the full blown riff orientated sludged out heavy doom(metal/rock)really comes to a point where you cannot run or hide anymore!! December 2004 saw the release of the first offering 'THE HOLY GRAIL' and great reviews from the scene became reality. Inspired by that, the band continued writing new material using different angels on the traditional doom sound, and doing more gigs off course. Fall 2005 sees the release of FROM COSMOS TO CHAOS featuring 5 mind blowing heavy tracks pushing the heavy lord sound into more a direction of our own, while still maintaining the heavy doom sound, a thing that will never go away never ever in our goddamned lives!!!!!

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