Monday, October 29, 2007

The Obsessed

Scott "Wino" Weinrich is a genius. Every band he has been a part of has been great, mainly because he makes them great. His songwriting, vocals, and guitar work are brilliant. The Obsessed was no exception. The following is from Wikipedia:
The band formed originally in the early 1980s, in Potomac, Maryland led by Wino. Later on the group moved into a band house in Rockville, Maryland where some of their most creative and hardest music was written. Before this move however original guitar player John Reese went his separate way. The band became a trio and stayed that way until the mid eighties when Vance Bockis and Norman from Hellion joined the band. During this time the band won the infamous Battle of the Bands at Baltimores Marble Bar by actually beating up one of the competing bands.[citation needed] During this time they released the Sodden Jackyl EP and had 1 track ("Concrete Cancer") featured on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre VI.

The band broke up in the late 80s and Wino went west to California to join up with Saint Vitus. Wino recorded 3 albums, an EP, and a live album with Saint Vitus. Hellhound Records (Vitus's then current lablel) released The Obsessed, an album of archived Obsessed recordings which prompted Wino to leave Vitus and reform The Obsessed. The band was quickly signed to Hellhound Records and released 2 more albums. In spite of a series of line-up shifts, Columbia Records picked up their third album, The Church Within (1994, see 1994 in music), which received rave reviews but ended up being the band's last. After the demise of The Obsessed, Wino formed Spirit Caravan.
My favorite album is a compilation album released in 1999 by Southern Lord Records called Incarnate. Absolutely bone-crunching!

Check out The Obsessed documentary here.


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Buddhamonkeydevil said...

Wino is one of those rare talents who has stayed true to his vision and hasn't "sold out" to commercial success of watered down FM radio either on the "modern rock" stations or the "classic rock" format. Thankfully we have decent artists like him and his various bands to listen to so we don't have to settle for the above mentioned tripe...