Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The best new doom band, Shrinebuilder.

From Wikipedia:

The band's origins were established in 2006 when Scott Weinrich contacted Al Cisneros and proposed that they form a collaborative band. They enlisted Neurosis frontman Scott Kelly on guitar and Al's drumming partner from Om Chris Hakius on drums.
As time passed word and anticipation began to gather about this newly proposed supergroup via internet blogs/forums. Shrinebuilder were a well known collective entity yet nothing had been heard regarding the act. In early 2008 drummer Chris Hakius decided to retire from playing music and as a result the Melvins' Dale Crover was drafted in to replace him. Over the next year the band continued refining their material and rehearsed in various configurations in Baltimore, San Francisco, Ashland and Los Angeles.
In January 2009 the time was right and the full band came together to record the material that they had previously sketched out. Scott Kelly documented the recording via his blog site 'We Burn Through The Night'. The debut Shrinebuilder record was recorded in no less than three days with Dale and Toshi Kasai (collectively known as The Deaf Nephews) manning production duties. Since then the band has announced a string of eagerly awaited gigs and the first Shrinebuilder track "Pyramid Of The Moon" surfaced upon the band's MySpace page.
Shrinebuilder's first album was released in October 2009 to great acclaim. Rock Sound has rated it 10/10 link

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