Friday, July 18, 2008


From Smoke's website:
Naming themselves after a line in a Monster Magnet song, Smoke sprang to life out of the diverse Los Angeles rock scene with a sound that lives up to the boldness of its name.

In 2001, Smoke released its Cobra EP to the public. Metal Maniacs called Smoke a "heavy, evil combination of rock'n'roll's darkest forces" (September 2001). England's Terrorizer referred to Smoke as "beefy, laidback all-American groove metal" (..94 November 2001).

In 2002, LA Weekly award winning producer Bobby Tamkin took an interest in Smoke and invited the band to cut its next album at his recording studio. Tamkin (ex-drummer for The Warlocks, Hovercraft, 1000 Mona Lisas) played drums on the recording as well, and the result was 2002's Smoke Follows Beauty.

Smoke gave the rock scene something to get excited about: "Without a doubt one of the best releases of 2002" (Noize Webzine); "Creatively, the band has scaled Mount Everest" (Hellride; "Some of the best rock out there" (Impact Press); "This is an absolutely superb album" (Roadburn). "A joint the size of a leg of lamb" (Kerrang, Oct. 8 2002); "Huge grooves will have you headbangin'" (BW & BK, Dec. 2002).

Distributors like All That's Heavy, Hellride Music, Kozmik Artifactz, Water Dragon and Devil Doll Records sold Smoke Follows Beauty worldwide and the band to hit the road. A two-month nationwide tour followed and Smoke bludgeoned 30 cities around the country.

Smoke is currently in the studio working on its next full length release.

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