Sunday, May 25, 2008

Albert Witchfinder

So, what happened to Albert Witchfinder after the breakup of Reverend Bizzare? Here are some comments I found in a review of Albert's solo album, The Puritan.:

After the demise of Reverend Bizarre, Albert Witchfinder has not let the tides of doom relent and in the same year as RB's ridiculously amazing finale, has released his solo debut under The Puritan. What's immediately noticeable about The Puritan is how much darker it is than Albert's work with Reverend Bizarre. Rather than song names like "Doom Over the World" and "Fucking Wizard", this EP has "The Sulphur Colored Clouds Are Hurrying Through the Lithium Gates" and "Opposite the Fireplace - The Wall of Shotguns". The music has changed similarily, Reverend Bizarre's fun/rock side is gone; even the beautiful melodies that carried gloomier tracks like "Sorrow" are not present here. The Puritan has retreated to the basics of doom: droning notes that steadily crash out of my speakers like waves on an oceanside cliff. Bleak music. What Albert has carried over to The Puritan from Reverend Bizarre is his ability to channel the misery of the world around him through his bass guitar into soul-purifyingly heavy music.

It's just not as pretty or as fun as when he did it with Reverend Bizarre.

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